Resto Healing Guide

Feeling a bit antsy healing Cataclysm as a restoration druid? No clue where to start? Or just looking for backup? Search no more, it's all here!

Hot Firelands Tactics

I am working on a tactical page of the NEW DRAGON SOUL Firelands bosses in patch 4.3. More info and links? Click here!

! Shadow Forest ! guild

Shadow Forest, 25man casual raiding guild on Dragonblight EU. Getting ready and still recruiting for 5.2 ! Check us out: here!

Shattered world in its broadest definition

By admin in : Elitism, Narcissism // Jan 14 2011

It started a couple of months ago when we said “we just have to make it through the whole levelling scene and everything will be all flowers, puppies and rainbows!” Well, I’m level 85, my gearlist is getting pretty purple again, I’ve conquered all the random major issues as they came to me, my guild just finished off every encounter on normal in 25man mode, but I still can’t shake the feeling.

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