Resto Healing Guide

Feeling a bit antsy healing Cataclysm as a restoration druid? No clue where to start? Or just looking for backup? Search no more, it's all here!

Hot Firelands Tactics

I am working on a tactical page of the NEW DRAGON SOUL Firelands bosses in patch 4.3. More info and links? Click here!

! Shadow Forest ! guild

Shadow Forest, 25man casual raiding guild on Dragonblight EU. Getting ready and still recruiting for 5.2 ! Check us out: here!

When real life has got you on a tight leash…

By admin in : Narcissism // Aug 10 2011

So here goes the inevitable, which I have been trying to postpone for as long as I possibly could: me and my epic wood are taking a semi-long time off WoWblogging and writing alltogether.

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Happy Birthday, Suma!

By admin in : Narcissism // Aug 2 2011

Happy Birthday, Suma!

Well, today is Sumanhi’s 6th birthday, which is fairly old in Night Elf years!

As a little tribute to my virtual alter ego, I screenshotted some memorable outfits and I’ve cleaned out my bank, which is mostly an epic wall of nostalgia I never had the heart to throw out (see below).

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