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New best sunday’s dress

By admin in : Automatism // Nov 28 2010

As you might have noticed, I changed the theme. Just an ickle bit. Not because I got sick of the green maze of twirls and twinkles, but because I have outgrown the old template too quickly. It just wasn’t suited for the load of content and information I wanted to store on this site, and it was too heavy loading at times. So I figured it was time for a change before optimizing content on the previous skin. It’s white, and clean, and neat, it has pretty pictures and shiny widget features. And I smiled, while working on the new design, as I remembered one very smart designer once telling me FireWorks was the way to go. And I cursed him for his sacrilege. Well, wise web designer was wise, and I tried to remember all the things he once taught me in php and css.

So here it is, the result of blood, sweat and tears – and a lot of overworked/underpaid Gnomish engineers. Enjoy!
(feedback is much appreciated. You can leave it in comment, or email me at

A couple of exciting changes have been made to this website, let me run you through them quickly.

1. A new category system

Rather than to create categories on the go and have them grow rampant overtime, I decided to list all the subjects I could potentially be ranting about in the future and I categorized them. Hence why all my blog post are now classified in a couple of isms. Everything else written about myself can be considered exhibitionism. All said and done, approximately 10 isms remain for you to search the archives and stick your nose as far into my business as you could possibly wish.

  • Automatism
    Automatism in my blog, stands for the machinery room. You will find out who updates my engine, who checks my oil levels and where to find the spark plugs. If you have an RSS reader, this is the place to find my feed. You don’t have an RSS-reader? You’re missing out! Generally a lot of dark and dodgy things are going on in this machinery room. Issues and dilemma’s that front end people like you and me have little knowledge of. But that’s okay, happiness is for the ignorant. Fortunately, I have a gnomish engineers tinkering in my machinery room day and night, to ensure that the earth keeps rotating around the sun and making sure I sleep well at night. I think.
  • Euphemism
    A figure in which a harsh or indelicate word or expression is softened; a mild name for something disagreeable. In the category Euphemism you will find patch notes concerning resto druids, class changes, general game modifications and nerfs. No, it won’t always be euphemisms, in fact, exaggerating is my middle name. But since I ramble about pretty much everything ingame, this blog will more than likely be host of some offensive or unpleasant content at some point. Let’s face it, Blizzard will always be lurking around to piss on our parades, I’m not perfect, I also have to work hard to get around all possible achievements ingame and my boyfriend is só lovely that there will always be rivals in the field. But then again, shit happens and I’m way too pragmatic to let gloom and let debility drain my energy. So let’s grab another drink and bless the euphemisms. Cheers!
  • Cataclysm
    This category speaks for itself, it will be a collection of all posts regarding exciting content of the new expansion.
  • Dodoism
    Metaphorically, “dodoism” is the art of committing forum suicide by acting as unintelligent as humanly possible. This category houses every blog post describing or depicting my failures and my rants about matters that have ignited my inflammable temper. But you can also find a lot random bullshit in this category. At the end of the day, the law of Weblogcommenting clearly states that nihilistic content gets commented on more often. And besides, who doesn’t like writing about poo and hooters once in a while? In summary: there where Elitism contains posts I pretend to have thought about, this category holds all the content I have absolutely not thought about. Idiotism is an art too.
  • Creationism
    Much like every form of love and passion is formed in the womb, so is the soul of my art and illustration. It invades my body, overwhelms my thoughts and sends tingles down my spine before finding its own eternity on a canvas or a computer screen. I found it rather difficult to upload my bead-weaving results, my aromatic candle art and my performance or installation projects, but my drawings, paintings and pictures about WoW and gaming result pretty fine in bits and bytes. Me pastime es su pastime!
  • Utopism
    Striving towards a utopia, an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system. In this blog, also the quality or state of being ideal. You will find all the posts that aren’t subject of shedding cats, the Braille labelling on my newest WoW-figurine packaging or the new tree tattoo I so desperately want. No, Idealism will be housing nothing but pretension. My pretensions, my thinktanking results, spell calculations, game mechanics and how to improve in general. I usually lack all necessary self confidence even though –if I really try- I have quite a few sensible things to say about druid healing mechanics. However, since I have decided to make dedicated category called Utopism, I am now obligated to put myself out there. Mind you for a human with ideals, ah yes, ambition-ism!
  • Druidism
    This category is much more a common gender for all my resto druid related posts than a standalone category. But it’s nice to be able to see the wood for the trees every so often. If you’re looking for any specific information about resto druids, you will most likely find it in Druidism.
  • Totemism
    Windech, my co-writer and partner in crime on this blog plays a Shaman. Even though he is totally allowed *cough* to post under any other category, most of his ramblings will cover a shaman point of view, and will be collected in the category Totemism.
  • Narcissism
    Remaining within the framework of shameless self-promotion, you will find all the posts about me and my boyfriend’s awesome being categorized under this title, as well as pictures, personal posts and websnaps. Let’s not be hypocrites, a weblog thrives on harmless arrogance, it’s the bonfire of vanities pur sang. But it’s remarkable how 1) I got more readers as I started posting pictures, 2) I posted more pictures when I was single, 3) I’m not single anymore but 4) how I am still very pedantic. Not to worry, analysis prove that vanity serves its purposes.
  • Stoicism
    A real or pretended indifference to pleasure or pain; insensibility; impassiveness. Basically, I needed a place to store all my seemingly boring to-do lists and bucketlists. Stoicism will suit that purpose effortlessly.
  • Patriotism
    The love for my Azeroth; devotion to the welfare of my digital imperium; the passion which inspires me to serve my online kingdom. I was looking for a place to store all my blogposts when Nostalgia invaded my mood once again, including my Vanilla project, that will still expand and grow in the future as I add more chapters. Everything and more about ye Olde Azeroth, Classic and The Burning Crusade will be stored in Patriotism.
  • Mechanism
    The arrangement or relation of the parts of anything as adapted to produce an effect. A very straightforward category for all my tactics, and musings about encounter and game mechanics in general. This category does not include any druid specific information but contains a lot of healer and dps specific tactics.
  • Elitism
    Ha, the belief or attitude that some individuals, who supposedly form an elite — a select group of people with intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes — are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously. Aka, guild business. Windech and I both love <Reborn> and while contributing towards remaining best guild on the server, we are often considered the centre of all knowledge. Everything guild related will be bundled in the category Elitism.
  • Faddism
    A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze. Every post about a possible hype, fuzz or huge dramalama of temporary flavour will be categorized as Faddism, until it blows over.
  • Nepotism
    “Undue attachment to relations; favouritism shown to members of one’s family; bestowal of patronage in consideration of relationship, rather than of merit or of legal claim.” Links to friend’s blogs and family albums are always slightly corrupted. That’s why we all love them and I shall be no different. Other bloggers, coders, artists and frapsers are into awesome stuff as well. You will often find a post featuring one of my friends or fellow blogger’s endeavours. They will be categorized as Nepotism.

2. A new co-writer and editor

From January on, this blog will double the trouble. My other half in both private and ingame life, playing the elemental Shaman Windech, will join this blog as a writer/editor and will contribute content from a shaman and seasoned dps point of view. I first figured it was more of an “if you can’t beat the enemy, join the enemy” kind of situation because 90% of my time was spent writing and coding on this blog, but he’s been showing a very healthy interest in my rantings and sure knows how to write a good bit of theory crafting as well, so we are going to give the co-writing thing a go and take it from there! A lot of fundamental blog changes have already been established awaiting his presence, but his official contributions will start with the release of Cataclysm.

3. Mobile website

I will soon add a mobile version of the website as well, for iphone and other smartphone users, but this requires a little more tweaking than I can handle right now.

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    Love the new look and feel of the blob! Great job yet again love that banner above realy epic!



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