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Alysrazor Strategy Guide 1.0

By admin in : Cataclysm, Mechanism // Jun 17 2011


1. Quick Facts

Are you ready to fly the fiery skies? Catch her singed feathers and use them to soar above the inferno, or perish at the whim of this swift firehawk.

Alysrazor is a 4 phased fight that will challenge your awareness and your versatility throughout all the phases. The boss will first soar the sky and summon adds to take care of, will then fill the raid space with tornadoes, then get vulnerable while regenerating, after which she will reignite and counter with a lot of raid damage. This fight was not close to being fine tuned on the public test realm and will likely be subject to a lot of tweaking. Be prepared to embrace the chaos.


2. Abilities – Strategy

1. On the pull

When Alysrazor is pulled, she will instantly cast 2 spells. Once which does massive aoE damage, leaving people on very low HP and knocking them all back, and one that will prevent you from fleeing the battle scene.

Alysrazor will lose a couple of feathers in the meantime (see step 2.1) and start casting following spells:

At the beginning of the battle Alysrazor ascends into the sky, inflicting 30000 Fire damage to players and knocking them back. Alysrazor continues to inflict 10000 Fire damage to players every 1 sec. for 10 sec.

Volcanic Fire
A massive eruption creates patches of Fire which block escape from Alysrazor’s domain. Volcanic Fire patches inflict 92500 to 107500 Fire damage to players within 6 yards every 1 sec.


2. Stage One: I Will Burn You From the Sky!

In this phase, Alysrazor will use following abilities:

Blazing Claw
Alysrazor claws her way through the center of the arena, inflicting 92500 to 107500 Physical damage to enemies in 90 degree cone every 1.5 seconds. Each swipe also increases the Fire and Physical damage dealt to the target by 10% for 15 sec.

Alysrazor faces the center of the area and kicks up a powerful, fiery wind. After 5 seconds the area is bathed in flames, inflicting 100000 Fire damage every 1 seconds to all players within line of sight for 5 sec.


2.1. Flying DPS

Molten Feathers
Alysrazor drops 6 feathers when she moves up in the air. Two of your best ranged DPS need to pick up 3 feathers each and they will gain Wings of Flame.

The key to the flying part of the fight, is to follow the boss and to fly through the orange rings to get a buff called Blazing Power and gain more flight time. Both ranged flying dps need to alternate between rings. (You can cast spells while flying in the air, be sure to DPS Alysrazor and be sure to not die from fall damage when your buff runs out).

Blazing Power
Alysrazor periodically creates rings of fire which last for 3 seconds. Players passing through the ring gain Blazing Power, increasing haste by 8%. This effect stacks up. Each stack of Blazing Power restores mana, rage, energy, runic power, and holy power, and refreshes the duration of Wings of Flame.

Alysra’s Razor
If a player gains 25 stacks of Blazing Power, they gain Alysra’s Razor. This increases the player’s critical strike chance by 75% for 40 sec.

Incendiary Cloud
Alysrazor periodically creates an increasing number of Incendiary Clouds lasting for 3 seconds. Players that pass through the cloud suffer 46250 to 53750 Fire damage every 1 sec.


2.2. Adds

Easiest tactic is the split the raid in two even groups to take down the 2 adds (one on each side) that she will summon periodically. 2 tanks in the middle will have their hands feeding 2 spawned hatchlings. These hatchling will imprint one tank each, allowing them to do insane dps on their hatchling. The hatchling needs to be moved to the spawned fireworms throughout the area. They will eat the worms, get a debuff after which the tank can kill these adds off.

Blazing Talon Initiate

Blazing Talon Initiates periodically fly in to assist Alysrazor in defeating enemy forces on the ground.

  • Brushfire – The Blazing Talon Initiate conjures a fiery ball that moves across the arena, inflicting 37000 to 43000 damage every 1 sec to players within 3.5 yards.
  • Blazing Shield – The Blazing Talon Initiate calls upon a familiar flame for protection from Alysrazor’s Firestorm.
  • Fieroblast – The Blazing Talon Initiate hurls a fiery boulder at an enemy, inflicting 37000 to 43000 Fire damage and 10000 Fire damage every 3 seconds for 12 sec.
  • Fire it Up! – When a Blazing Talon Initiate casts Fieroblast, they gain a stack of Fire it Up! This effect increases the Initiate’s damage dealt by 10% and casting speed by 10%.

Voracious Hatchling

Early in Stage 1, two Blazing Broodmothers drop off two Molten Eggs. After several seconds the eggs hatch into Voracious Hatchlings. Voracious Hatchlings throw a Tantrum if not fed Plump Lava Worms.

  • Imprinted – Upon hatching, Voracious Hatchlings imprint on the nearest player. The hatchling only attacks that player, but they gain 1000% additional damage against the hatchling. These players are usually 2 tanks.
  • Satiated – The Voracious Hatchling will not throw a Tantrum when Satiated, which lasts for 15 sec. Voracious Hatchlings hatch Satiated, and can become Satiated again if a player feeds them Plump Lava Worms.
  • Hungry – A Voracious Hatchling that is no longer Satiated becomes Hungry. When Hungry, hatchlings have a 20% chance on hit to throw a Tantrum.
  • Tantrum – The Voracious Hatchling throws a Tantrum, increasing damage dealt by 50% and haste by 50%.
  • Gushing Wound – The Voracious Hatchling strikes all targets within a 10 yard 60 degree cone, causing them to bleed for 3000 Physical damage every 0.2 seconds for 1 min. or until the target’s health falls below 50% of their maximum health.


wormPlump Lava Worm

During Stage 1, two sets of four Plump Lava Worms erupt from the molten ground. Players cannot attack Plump Lava Worms. Voracious Hatchlings near a Plump Lava Worm rush to devour it, becoming Satiated.

  • Lava Spew – Plump Lava Worms spew a molten cone of fire, dealing 37000 to 43000 damage every 1 sec to all enemies within a 35 degree cone.


Herald of the Burning End

During Stage 1, a Herald of the Burning End periodically appears and begins casting Cataclysm. The Herald is immune to all damage, but dies when he casts Cataclysm.

  • Cataclysm – The Herald of the Burning End summons a powerful Molten Meteor, inflicting 462500 to 537500 Flamestrike damage to enemies within 5 yards.
  • Molten Meteor – Molten Meteors roll in one of 8 random directions, dealing 462500 to 537500 damage to enemies within 5 yards every 1 sec. If the meteor reaches a wall, it will break apart into three Molten Boulders, which ricochet back in the opposite direction. If destroyed before reaching a wall, the Molten Meteor becomes temporarily stationary and blocks line of sight. You WILL need this meteor to hide from Alysrazor Firestorm, so destroy it before it reaches the wall is mandatory !
  • Molten Boulder – Three Molten Boulders form when a Molten Meteor hits a wall and breaks apart. Molten Boulders knock back and inflict 29600 to 34400 damage to players within 2 yards every 1 sec.


3. Stage Two: The skies are mine!

Alysrazor will move into phase 2 after 3 minutes. She will summon a tornado in the middle, and smaller tornados that move through the area.

On the PTR, there was a safe spot, but this might not be available in the released patch.

In phase 2, she will use following spells:

Fiery Vortex
A Fiery Vortex appears in the middle of the arena, inflicting 50000 Fire damage every 0.5 seconds to players within 15 yards.

Harsh Winds
Alysrazor’s powerful wingstrokes cause harsh winds to scald the landscape around her nest, inflicting 50000 Fire damage every 1 seconds for 5 sec to players greater than 60 yards from the Fiery Vortex. This effect stacks.

Fiery Tornado
Fiery Tornadoes erupt from the Fiery Vortex and begin moving rapidly around Alysrazor’s arena, inflicting 40000 Fire damage every 1 sec to enemies within 10 yards.

Blazing Power
Alysrazor continues to create rings of fire but they now appear on the ground of the arena and last for 3 seconds. Players passing through the ring gain Blazing Power, increasing their haste by 8%. This effect stacks. Each stack of Blazing Power also restores mana, rage, energy, runic power, and holy power.


4. Stage Three: Burnout!

Alysrazor crashes to the ground with 0 Molten Power and becomes vulnerable (roughly one minute after the start of phase 3). This stage lasts until Alyrazor’s energy bar reaches 50 Molten Power, dps her down as far as possible (~30 seconds).

In phase 3, she will use following spells:

Alysrazor’s fire burns out, immobilizing her and increasing her damage taken by 50%.

Essence of the Green
If Alysrazor is struck by a harmful spell she emits Essence of the Green, restoring 10% of the caster’s maximum mana.

A bright spark burns within the heart of Alysrazor, restoring 3 Molten Power every 2 seconds.

Blazing Talon Clawshaper
At the start of stage 2, two Blazing Talon Clawshapers fly in and re-energize Alysrazor.
Blazing Talon Clawshapers channel molten energy into Alysrazor, restoring 1 Molten Power every 1 sec. They can be interrupted !


5. Stage Four: Reborn in flame!

Alysrazor’s fire reignites at 50 Molten Power. This stage lasts until Alysrazor reaches 100 Molten Power. She will begin to AOE the raid, so stack up, tank her away from the raid and heal everyone to full.

In phase 4, she will use following spells:

Alysrazor’s fiery core combusts once again, rapidly restoring her Molten Power. The core restores 2 Molten Power every 1 seconds.

Blazing Buffet
Alysrazor’s fiery core emits powerful bursts of flame, inflicting 9250 to 10750 Fire damage to all players every 1 seconds while Alysrazor remains Ignited

Blazing Claw
Alysrazor claws at her current target, inflicing 92500 to 107500 Physical damage to enemies in a 90 degree cone every 1.5 seconds. Each swipe also increases the Fire and Physical damage dealt to the target by 10% for 15 sec.

Full Power
When Alysrazor reaches 100 Molten Power, she is at Full Power. This deals 50000 Fire damage to all players and knocks them back.

6. Rince and repeat!

After reaching full power again, Alysrazor then begins her Stage 1 activities again. Continue with the same routine.


3. Visuals

Learn To Raid 10 man video, found on

other video’s:

PTR: 25man kill by Enigma + Obsidium + Exordium

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PTR: 25man Heroic Mode kill by anonymous chinese guild


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