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Baleroc Strategy Guide 1.0

By admin in : Cataclysm, Mechanism // Jun 17 2011


1. Quick Facts

Baleroc stands before the gate to Sulfuron Keep, amidst a river of combustion that serves as the Sulfuron moat. The bridge to Ragnaros’s blistering chamber can only be crossed by those who find a way to put an end to this towering elemental monstrosity.”

Baleroc is more or less a healer challenge. The boss will casts an ability which makes the health of your maintank continually increase but will also increase his own damage by the same percentage. The fight itself is pretty straightforward. Heal your dps that has been affected by the crystals, get a debuff which increases healing done on the MT, keep the tanks up and DPS Baleroc down.


2. Abilities – Strategy

1. Tank damage pattern and HP pool.

Blaze of Glory
Baleroc’s assault periodically awakens a burning spark within his current target, increasing the target’s physical damage taken by 20%, but also raising their maximum health by 20%. This buff stacks. Every time Baleroc applies Blaze of Glory, he gains an application of Incendiary Soul.

Incendiary Soul
Increases Fire damage dealt by 20%. This buff stacks.

Decimation Blade
Baleroc deals damage equal to 90% of the tank’s health during 15 seconds.

This is hard to heal because of the tank’s huge hp pool. In order to deal with this, an offtank can taunt the boss for 15 seconds, after which he can be taunted back by the main tank.
This mechanism also implies that Baleroc has a soft enrage timer: over time, his damage will become unhealable.

2. Crystals tanking and rotation

Shards of Torment
Baleroc summons 2 crystals amongst his foes, which continually channels a shadowy beam on the nearest player (only 1 in 10man).

The Shard of Torment inflicts 4000 Shadow damage per application to the nearest player, stacking once per second.

When Torment fades from a player, they are afflicted by the Tormented effect, which increases their Shadow damage taken by 250% and reduces the player’s healing done by 50% for 40 sec.
Direct melee contact with any other player will apply a fresh copy of the Tormented effect to that player, so stay spread! Tormented players cannot tank the crystal for another minute.

Wave of Torment
If no player stands within 15 yards of a Shard of Torment, the Shard pulses this effect, inflicting 14250 to 15750 Shadow damage each second to all players.

This basically means that there should always be one dps (and one only!) in range of the crystal to soak the beam. 10 debuffs of torment is usually the number of debuffs to aim for. A rotation will have to be worked out, in order to avoid wave of torment to be cast.


3. Effective healing on tanks and raid

Vital Spark
If a player casts a direct heal on someone being damaged by Torment and/or Tormented players, the healer gains an application of Vital Spark for each three stacks of Torment on the target. Casting a single-target direct heal on a target affected by Blaze of Glory will trigger Vital Flame (aka, by healing the tank).

Vital Flame
Vital Flame increases healing done to targets affected by Blaze of Glory by 5% per stack of Vital Spark consumed, lasting for 15 sec. When Vital Flame expires, it restores the Vital Spark stacks consumed to create the effect.

In order to be as effective as possible, every healer should be healing both raid AND tank (raid members affected by torment). This ensures that every healer builds up stacks of Vital Sparks, to counter the increasing damage of Incendiary Soul and Blaze of Glory.
The fight then boils down to healing skill: can the healers keep up the increasing damage.


3. Visuals

Immersion Kill video as found on

other video’s:

PTR: 10man kill by Crab People


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