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Beth’tilac Strategy Guide 1.0

By admin in : Cataclysm, Mechanism // Jun 17 2011



1. Quick Facts

Her fiery webs reach far overhead, daring her adversaries to simultaneously face their fears of both spiders and heights. Only by taking hold of her webs and climbing into her domain yourself will you find a way to thwart her evil designs.”

Beth’tilac retreats to the top of her web during the pull, and moves up and down her web in several phases of this soft-enrage encounter: You have to kill her and her spiders allies before her damage becomes unhealable; by climbing into her lair and dodging her smoldering devastation whenever she runs out of Fire Energy. It is said to be a gear check, but it is not likely going to be the easiest challenge of the new Firelands raid instance.


2. Abilities – Strategy

When Beth’tilac is pulled, she will climb up her web threats and start spawning adds. One group, usually consisting of a tank, 1-2 healer(s) and a couple of melees, has to move up with her. The rest of the raid will stay at the floor level and take care of her spider allies.

When Beth’tilac is not engaged on her own web level, she will cast Venom Rain, which does massive AoE damage and has to be avoided at all costs.

1. She will use the following abilities when she is tanked on top of the web:

Meteor Burn
Meteors crash down onto the web, inflicting Fire damage to players within 7 yards of the impact. The meteor also burns a hole in the web through which players may fall: so move away from the impact zone.

Smoldering Devastation
Beth’tilac slowly loses Fire Energy over time. Whenever Beth’tilac runs out of Fire Energy, she will set herself ablaze, causing Smoldering Devastation and inflict a massive aura-like fire dot on all players located at her same level. In order to dodge this, you will need to jump down the hole in the middle of the web. When she is finished with her devastation channeling, it is safe to move back up, rince and repeat.

Ember Flare
Intense heat burns enemies near Beth’tilac, inflicting moderate Fire damage to players at the same level as Beth’tilac (equivalent to the spinner’s burning acid moderate damage on the raid below).

Beth’tilac consumes Cinderweb Spiderlings and Cinderweb Drones when in her range, healing her for 10% of her maximum health. Keep the spiderlings out of her range at all costs.


2. The raid on the ground floor will have a variety of adds to control:
Cinderweb Spinner

Cinderweb Spinners dangle from the web above on a filament strand. Using Taunt or a similar ability on a Spinner will cause them to drop to the ground. Once killed, their web filament remains. Players may then interact with the filament and move to the top of the web. They always spawn in the middle and have several abilities:

  • Burning Acid – The Cinderweb Spinner spits burning venom at a random player, inflicting moderate fire damage.
  • Fiery Web Spin – The Cinderweb Spinner channels a fiery web onto a random player, stunning them for 25 sec.


Cinderweb Spiderling

Beth’Tilac occasionally summons small spiderlings that instinctively move towards the Cinderweb Dromes. If these small adds reach the other spiders, they will get consumed and heal them. So the small spiders are high killing priority and need to be taken down as fast as possible.

  • Seeping Venom – The Cinderweb Spiderling leaps onto a random player within 5 yards, injecting them with venom and inflicting 6937 to 8062 Fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 sec.

Cinderweb Drone

These large spiders climb out of caves below the web and need to be tanked, faced away from the raid. When their Fire Energy fully depletes, the Cinderweb Drone climbs up to Beth’tilac and siphons Fire Energy from her, while healing her. So, kill the Drones before they run out of energy and don’t let the small spiderlings get in their range.

  • Boiling Splatter – The Cinderweb Drone spits burning venom in a 500 yard long 60 degree forward cone, inflicting large Fire damage on any enemy within the area.
  • Burning Acid – The Cinderwb Drone spits Burning Acid at a random player, inflicting moderate Fire damage.
  • Fixate – The Cinderweb Drone fixates on a random player, ignoring all other targets but decreasing its damage dealt by 75% for 10 sec.
  • Consume – Cinderweb Drones consume a Cinderweb Spiderling, healing itself for 20% of its maximum life, increasing damage dealt by 20%, and increasing movement speed by 20%.
Cinderweb Broodling

These unstable spiders fixate on a random player and cast Volatile Burst when they reach their target.

  • Volatile Burst – Cinderweb Broodlings explode when they reach a player, inflicting large Fire splash damage to all enemies within 8 yards.


3. Beth’thilac moves down her web: the frenzy phase

After she has performed Smoldering Devastation three times (she should be at least at 70-75% of her hp by now) Beth’tilac enters a frenzy. She lowers herself from the safety of the top of her Cinderweb and no longer calls for aid from her brood. Make sure that all the Drones are killed when she moves down.

Beth’Tilac uses 2 new abilities in this phase:

Beth’tilac periodically casts Frenzy, increasing her damage dealt by 5% until the end of the encounter. This effect stacks and is pretty much a soft enrage timer.

The Widow’s Kiss
Beth’tilac’s deadly kiss boils the blood of her current target (a tank), reducing the healing dealt to the target by 14 to 22% every 2 seconds for 20 sec and stacks up. The kiss also causes the target to inflict increasing Fire damage to their surrounding allies within 10 yards. In order to deal with this debuff, you will need two tanks taunting off eachother every 20 seconds.

Ember Flare
Intense heat burns enemies near Beth’tilac, inflicting moderate Fire damage to players at the same level as Beth’tilac (equivalent to the spinner’s burning acid moderate damage on the raid below).

She will still cast consume, so make sure all the Cinderweb Drones are dead before the frenzy!


3. Visuals

Learn To Raid 10 man video, found on


other video’s:

PTR: 25man kill (anonymous)


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