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Majordomo Staghelm Strategy Guide 1.0

By admin in : Cataclysm, Mechanism // Jun 17 2011


1. Quick Facts

Ragnaros’s latest chief lieutenant stands before the door to his master’s chamber in Sulfuron Keep. Majordomo Staghelm’s treasonous efforts will all come to a head before the very seat of his new master.”

Majordomo Staghelm is a metamorph boss unlike any other, taking on different  shapes based on the position and the playstyle of the raid. He gains a stacking fury buff every time he shapeshifts, allowing him to do more damage but also resets his adrenaline, which is the main reason why you will want him to transform in the first place. Key to this fight is straight forward: control the transformation processes and DPS the boss down.


2. Abilities – Strategy

Staghelm transforms into a Cat when his enemies are not stacked together or into a Scorpion when 18 or more of his enemies are clustered together (7 in 10man). On every third transform, he will briefly pause in human form.

Staghelm gains a stack of Fury each time he transforms into a Cat or Scorpion, increasing the damage of Leaping Flames and Flame Scythe by 8% per application. This effect stacks.

Concentration (heroic)
Each player who engages Staghelm on Heroic Difficulty gains a Concentration power bar. This bar fills over time, increasing damage and healing done by 25% for every 25 Concentration up to 100. Players hit by a damaging attack or spell lose all Concentration.


1. Scorpion Form

The Scorpion casts the following abilities:

Flame Scythe
Inflicts 750000 Fire damage to enemies in front of him. Damage is split equally among targets hit. This attack costs 100 energy.

Staghelm gains a stack of Adrenaline each time he performs Flame Scythe. Adrenaline increases his energy regeneration rate by 20% per application. He loses all stacks of Adrenaline when he switches forms.


2. Cat Form

Leaping Flames
Staghelm leaps at an enemy, leaving behind a Spirit of the Flame. He lands in a blaze of glory, igniting the ground at his destination and causing it to burn enemy units for 23562 to 26437 Fire damage every 0.5 sec. for 1 min. This attack costs 100 energy.

Spirit of the Flame
These images of Staghelm attack enemies until defeated.

Staghelm gains a stack of Adrenaline each time he performs Leaping Flames. Adrenaline increases his energy regeneration rate by 20% per application. Staghelm loses all stacks of Adrenaline when he switches forms.


3. Human Form

When Staghelm enters Human form, he briefly envelops his enemies in a Fiery Cyclone and casts an additional spell in. When switching from Cat form to Scorpion form, Staghelm unleashes Searing Seeds. When switching from Scorpion form to Cat form, Staghelm unleashes Burning Orbs.

Fiery Cyclone
Fiery Cyclone tosses all enemy targets into the air, preventing all action but making them invulnerable for 3 sec.

Searing Seeds
Searing Seeds implants fiery seeds in Staghelm’s enemies. Each seed grows at a different rate. When fully grown, the seeds explode, inflicting 60000 Fire damage to players within 12 yards.

Burning Orbs
Staghelm summons several orbs around the room. Each orb attacks the nearest player, burning them for 5000 Fire damage every 2 sec. This effect stacks. To deal with these, it’s easiest to mark a couple of players who will tank the orbs until 5 stacks. The orbs will then be taken over by someone else, and these persons will be healed up until the stacks run out.


3. Visuals

Reckoning vs. Majordomo Staghelm 25 Man (Mechanics) as found on

other video’s:

PTR: 10man Normal by Reckoning

PTR: 10man Heroic Mode kill by Enigma


If you have suggestions on how to improve my guides; feel free to leave a comment!



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