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Morchok Strategy Guide 1.0

By admin in : Cataclysm, Mechanism // Nov 29 2011



10-man 36M HP  No Enrage Timer
25-man 102M HP   No Enrage Timer
LFR  76.5M HP  No Enrage Timer

The fight is the least complex from the Dragon Soul raid. It also has the simplest execution. This encounter will probably serve as a preliminary gear check for any raid attempting to bring about the demise of Deathwing.

  • The Crystal Phase, which lasts approximately 1 minute, is a tank and spank phase with a fairly simple tank taunt rotation and a couple of dps soaking crystals. Sounds familear, you say?
  • The Black Blood Phase, which lasts approximately 30 seconds, requires your raid to hide behind pillars of stone  to avoid being hit by the Black Blood flowing out from Morchok.
  • At 20% health, Morchok gains the Furious Icon Furious buff. This does not affect the alternation between the Crystal Phase and the Black Blood Phase: the fight continues normally, just that the boss deals more damage and attacks faster.


The Crystal Phase is the main phase of the fight.


During the Crystal Phase, Morchok has the following abilities:

  • Crush Armor is a stacking debuff applied by Morchok on his tank every 6 seconds. It stacks up to 10 times and each stack reduces armor by 10%, eventually forcing a tank swap.
  • Stomp  is an AoE attack that Morchok casts every 10 to 15 seconds. It deals 750,000 physical damage in 10-man difficulty, 1,625,000 in LFR difficulty and 2,500,000 in 25-man difficulty. The damage is evenly split between players within 25 yards of Morchok. Careful: the 2 closest players take a double share of damage.
  • Resonating Crystal is cast by Morchok every 15 seconds. This ability summons a red crystal that explodes after 12 seconds, dealing split damage to the 3 closest players ( 7  in 25-man ). The total damage dealt by the explosion decreases when the players are close to the crystal.

The strategy for properly handling the Crystal Phase revolves around 3 simple tasks: proper positions for dealing with Stomp,     tank swap for dealing with Crush Armor and having a few players soaking the damage from Resonating Crystal. Other than that, this phase should be dedicated to doing as much damage as possible to Morchok.

  • Positioning: The raid should be positioned within 25 yards of the boss. There are no other positioning constraints, though stacking together, close to the boss, will make AoE healing more efficiënt. Stomp deals a double share of damage to the two players that are the closest to the boss. It is best if these two players are the tanks. The only players who will have to move out of the 25-yard radius are those that will have been designated to deal with Resonating Crystal
  • Tank Swap: The tanks will need to regularly taunt the boss off of each other. The debuff lasts 20 seconds and stacks every 6 seconds, which means that the taunt should occur as soon as a 4th stack is applied on the current tank.
  • Resonating Crystal: Designate 3 players in 10-man or 7 players in 25-man difficulty who will move next to the Twilight Orb to soak the damage that they inflict. Healers and ranged DPS are better suited for the job since they can continue performing their duties while handling the crystal. After the crystal is created, it will start pulsating and the closest players will be easily identified by the beam of light that links them to the Crystal. The beam changes colour, depending on the distance between the player and the crystal (red/yellow when the player is far from the crystal and blue when the player is close). After 12 seconds, the crystal will explode, knocking back the designated players and dealing damage to them. Since the damage from the explosion is Shadow damage,  Warlocks with shadow ward are particularly well suited to handle this ability. Using Shadow Protection Aura is also useful.



Shortly after the explosion of the third Resonating Crystal Icon Resonating Crystal, Morchok enters the Black Blood Phase, during which he casts 3 abilities in quick succession before resuming the Crystal Phase. Players will be pulled to Morchok before having to rapidly take cover to avoid a very damaging ability.


During the Black Blood Phase, Morchok casts 3 abilities in the following order:

  • Earthen Vortex marks the beginning of the Black Blood Phase. All players are pulled towards Morchok and begin to take physical damage equivalent to 5% of their health every second for 5 seconds.
  • Falling Fragments is cast immediately after all players have been pulled towards Morchok. This ability is channeled for 5 seconds and creates stone pillars around Morchok. Standing next to the location where a pillar is created deals physical damage.
  • Black Blood of the Earth is cast immediately after the channel of Falling Fragments has finished. For 24 seconds, Black Blood will flow outwards from Morchok. Players standing in it will receive a stacking debuff that disappears as soon as they step out of the blood. The debuff stacks every second and each stack inflicts 5,000 nature damage per second

The strategy for this phase is very straightforward. As soon as Morchok pulls the players to him, everyone needs to run behind the pillars of stone created by Falling Fragments, as they offer protection from Black Blood of the Earth. There is plenty of time to reach the pillars, so no one should take damage from the blood. Once behind a pillar, there is no other source of damage until the Crystal Phase resumes. Therefore, healers should focus on getting behind a pillar before trying to heal those that are in range of them.



At 20% health, Morchok gains the Furious buff.  This is the ideal time to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism/Time Warp Icon Time Warp



Learn To Raid 25 man video, found on



Thank you for the facts and the research :)



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