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Yor’sahj Strategy Guide 1.0

By admin in : Cataclysm, Mechanism // Nov 29 2011



Overview of the Fight
The Yor’sahj encounter is unique in some way, because he only has 1 ability, which he casts with regularity. Fun kicks in when Yor’sahj summons 3 random oozes of a different type (out of 6 possible types). Upon reaching the boss, each ooze buffs the boss, granting him a specific ability that is temporary and lasts 60 seconds. When there are 15 seconds left on his buffs, the boss begins summoning the next set of 3 oozes. While only being able to kill 1 of the three oozes each time (as soon as one dies, the other two become immune), so the challenge comes from choosing which ooze to kill so that your raid is faced with the least damaging combination of abilities.


1. Abilities

Void Bolt is Yor’sahj’s only ability. This does a large amount of Shadow damage to the tank, in addition to leaving a stacking Shadow damage DoT. Yor’sahj uses this ability with a rather unpredictable frequency (on average, every 5 seconds), but it is simply something that the tank must be healed through. Every 2.5 seconds, Yor’sahj also deals a moderate amount of damage with his melee attack.


2. Summoning Oozes

Roughly every 75 seconds, Yor’sahj will summon 3 oozes of a different type (out of 6 possible types) that slowly move towards him, doing nothing else. They cannot be stunned or slowed. Upon reaching Yor’sahj, each one grants him a different ability.

While the oozes are being summoned and while they are moving towards him, Yor’sahj is immobile in the center of the room and does nothing, although he can still be attacked. Each ooze has a specific name and colour.

Your raid needs to kill one of the 3 oozes (doing so renders the other 2 immune to damage). This means that your raid will have to properly deal with the buffs granted to Yor’sahj by the remaining 2 oozes. Failure to kill one of the oozes will, most likely, result in a wipe.

We will now present the oozes, ranking them according to the buff that they give to Yor’sahj, from the most deadly to the least deadly.

Purple (Shadowed Globule)

The purple ooze grants Yor’sahj Deep Corruption. This ability does a large amount of raid-wide Shadow damage for each fifth heal or absorb effect that a player receives. This buff is not deadly on its own, but it creates a lot of confusion and complicates the fight. Most raids will prefer to kill the purple ooze.

In case you do encounter a combination with purple, the best way to deal with Deep Corruption is to assign specific healers to heal the damage in an attempt to keep tank and raid alive with as few heals as possible.

Green (Acidic Globule)

The green ooze grants Yor’sahj Digestive Acid. This causes Yor’sahj to occasionally damage a random raid member and all allies within 4 yards of them for a moderate amount of Nature damage (In LFR difficulty, the ability does not have an AoE component).

The easiest way to deal with Digestive Acid is to have the raid spread out at least 4 yards apart. This is generally not difficult, but may be somewhat problematic when green is combined with another ooze that requires the raid to stack, in which case you will need to carefully spread out around the stacking location (the boss, most of the time).

Yellow (Glowing Globule)

The yellow ooze grants Yor’sahj Glowing Blood of Shu’ma. This buffs Yor’sahj, causing him to attack 50% faster and to use Void Bolt twice as often. Additionally, it causes Void Bolt to have an AoE effect that hits everyone in the raid (the DoT, however, is still only applied to the tank).

In case your entire raid needs to stack together while the Glowing Blood of Shu’ma is active (if you have red or black as the other ooze), you should simply AoE heal the entire raid, and use damage reduction cooldowns to facilitate this.

Black (Dark Globule)

The black ooze causes Yor’sahj to spawn a large number of adds, called Forgotten Ones. These adds fixate on random raid members and regularly cast Psychic Slice on them, which deals Shadow damage.

The best way to deal with the Forgotten Ones is to simply stack up and AoE down the adds while healers use AoE heals to keep the raid alive.

Red (Crimson Globule)

The red ooze grants Yor’sahj the Searing Blood ability. This causes Yor’sahj to damage a number of random players for an amount of damage that is larger the farther away from the boss these players are.

The best way to deal with Searing Blood is to have everyone as close as possible to the boss (practically stacking on top of the boss). In case red is paired with green, you will need to spread out 4 yards apart around the boss.

Blue (Cobalt Globule)

The blue ooze creates a Mana Void. When this hostile unit spawns, it drains the entire mana pool from all the casters in the raid. As it only drains mana once, casters will start regenerating mana as normal and will still be able to cast some spells. When the Mana Void is killed, it releases all the mana that it had drained, distributing it evenly between all mana users within 30 yards of its location.

Dealing with the Mana Void is quite easy. Simply have all of your DPS players switch to the Mana Void as soon as it is alive, killing it quickly. This will restore mana back to all the casters, and from then on you can continue the fight normally.


3. Strategy


Start of the Fight

When Yor’sahj is not empowered by the abilities of any oozes, the encounter is basically tank and spank. Healers must only be prepared to heal tank damage. This initial phase only lasts for 20 seconds. The rest of the time, Yor’sahj will either be summoning the oozes and doing nothing or be empowered with two additional abilities (or three, if you failed to kill any of the oozes).

Ooze Priority

The following kill priorities should be used: purple > green > yellow > black
( In LFR difficulty, the green ooze is almost harmless )

There are some cases, though, where a subtle choice can be made.

  • purple – yellow – blue: by killing yellow instead of purple, you remove any raid damage, which makes it easy to deal with Deep Corruption.
  • purple – yellow – red: by killing yellow instead of purple, raid damage is considerably lessened (provided that the raid stacks on the boss), which makes it easier to deal with Deep Corruption.
  • green – yellow – blue, by killing yellow instead of green, raid damage is considerably lessened and the raid can safely spread to deal with Digestive Acid while killing the Mana Void.

Ooze Combinations

Ooze Spawn Locations

The ooze spawn locations are fixed. They look like slightly elevated mounds, found around the room, close to the wall. To have the highest uptime possible on the ooze, players should run to the ooze spawn location as soon as the boss begins channeling the new oozes.

In order to make it easiest for DPS (especially melee) to run to the correct ooze spawn point, the raid leader should set appropriately colored raid markers, close to the center of the room, marking the directions of the three oozes most likely to be killed by the raid (based on the above priorities).

Spreading 4 Yards in 25-man Difficulty

If you are facing a combination of green and red, you will need your raid members to spread out at least 4 yards apart, while also being as close as possible to Yor’sahj. If your raid is struggling to spread out properly, you should simply pair a few players together, and ask them to always stack on top of each other. This will reduce the overall number of players who need to spread out, making it much easier to manage.

Using Heroism/Bloodlust

Heroism/ Bloodlust/ Time Warp should be used when the raid can freely DPS the boss for a long time (such as after the Mana Void has been killed in combinations that do not contain black).

Damage Resistance

The main schools of damage in this encounter are Shadow, Nature and Fire. Your raid should be buffed with the appropriate resistances, in order to minimize the damage.


Thank you for the facts and the research :)



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