Resto Healing Guide

Feeling a bit antsy healing Cataclysm as a restoration druid? No clue where to start? Or just looking for backup? Search no more, it's all here!

Hot Firelands Tactics

I am working on a tactical page of the NEW DRAGON SOUL Firelands bosses in patch 4.3. More info and links? Click here!

! Shadow Forest ! guild

Shadow Forest, 25man casual raiding guild on Dragonblight EU. Getting ready and still recruiting for 5.2 ! Check us out: here!



Sometimes it’s simple:
I have an opinion I’d like to share. I usually start yapping back and forth about a certain topic, after which I tend to slightly adjust my vision, or decide to resolutely procrastinate and insist on getting my point across. Want to let me know whether you agree or disagree with my tedious reflections, musings, my theory crafting or my obnoxious struggle for righteousness? You’re most welcome to mail me your 2 cents. Or 5 or 10 cents, I’m a big spender.

Sometimes it’s a bit more complicated:
I have an opinion and after carefully debating all arguments, pro’s and con’s, I can only conclude that I just don’t know for sure. And that, in fact, no one really seems to be convinced of what so ever.  I didn’t want a bridge, but I am not sure if I want a tunnel. I do, however, want a solution. In that case, your feedback is much appreciated. My gratitude will know no limits and will compare to canine madness.

There are various other reasons why you might want to love to get in contact with me:

  • You play a druid and you have a burning question you’d like answered. You’d love some help, you’re stuck and you don’t know who to turn to.
  • Your blood is up and you have the need -don’t ask me why- to let me know I am a shitheaded homophobe and a repentant idiot.
  • You want to let me know you stumbled upon one of my minions and you sent him straight home (thank you: my kitchen floor needs a good scrubbing).
  • You want to ask my hand in marriage.
  • You want to send me a hate mail, because all the hip kids are doing it.
  • It’s been forever since you last had a good verbal vomit and you desperately need a shoulder to cry on.
  • You plan on sending me a wall of adoration in lots of colours. (Woo. Hoo.)

That’s okay, life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. You’re all welcome to mail me because I love you too.

Incase you don’t get a reply straight away:
I like my replies to be more than just a brief “thanks for reading my bullshit”. Responding to all of you isn’t exactly a sinecure, I get a lot of mail. It doesn’t help I have an active social WoW life and the attentionspan of a goldfish with roidrage. So I might not always be able to reply to everything instantly.  But I have stacked up on Duracell, so my bunnies will get back to you, at some point!

Anyway, here goes. Your One Stop Awesome Shop: