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By admin in : Dodoism, Nepotism // Apr 19 2011

And suddenly a cat flew over the castle fence. Just as I was randomly staring into the green through my opened window. I saw a brief movement blur, 5 paws in a non distinct order and two frightened green eyes. I heard the noise of two outrageous, barking dogs while trying to sketch a quick mental reconstruction. The cat majestuously conquered the garden of the neighbours, was lying around sunbathing in the middle of the porch while the dogs were locked inside. When the two loud and drooling monsters got released, she had but one option: fly. Like the bloody wind.

And so it happened. Situations like this one keep me distracted and pondering during the day. Professional life keeps raging like a mad bulldozer in the offices next to mine. I fantasize about pigeons and their ability to resemble a flying cat with 5 paws, while my agenda keeps giving me the stink eye.

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