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Cataclysm Progress

By admin in : Elitism // Dec 26 2010

Reborn has been busy! And so have I. But as we are on a well deserved Christmas break at the moment, I finally found some time to update you on the progress of my guild.

In between getting all professions leveled up, gearing up in heroics, getting all worked up about how bloody challenging healing heroic dungeons has become, fooling around like a real Harrisson Jones in archeology and digesting an exhuberant amount of turkey in real life, we also killed some bosses. 10 to be precise. Most of them were downed on 25 ( I still believe that is where our guild’s true forte lies) and a couple in 10man while officially being off raiding until next week.

Tol Barad
Argaloth 11/12/2010 (25 people in greens, eager to raid, 0.1 seconds of enrage timer ^.^)

Blackwing Descent
Omnotron 12/12/2010
Magmaw 13/12/2010
Maloriak    14/12/2010  (oneshot !)
Atramedes  14/12/2010
Chimaeron  22/12/2010

Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker 13/12/2010
Valiona and Theralion  16/12/2010

Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Wind 20/12/2010
Al’Akir  23/12/2010

And here are some screenshots…


Halfus Wyrmbreaker (the other 23 ran off ! ^.^ )

Valiona and Theralion (killshot? Whot is? Oh… you mean we have to actually POSE ?)


It’s been great fun raiding the new content though, challenging, but fun 🙂

Gimmeh more!

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