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Hell hath no fury like Sinestra…

By admin in : Elitism // Apr 17 2011

After finishing off Valiona & her puppy and killing Cho’gall on 25Heroic… there she is, the consort of Deathwing that will surely make us wish we never got to where we are these days.

Sooooooo Sinestra huh. Even better: Sinestra with 2 resto druids and a resto shaman.

It’s an impressive choice to say the least.

Especially since druid forums have been spammed with “I’m gutted” and the typical “omg we suck” awesome sauce ever since Paragon and the top world guilds decided to pick a holy paladin/priest only healing team. Why? For a wide array of reasons ranging from hps output all  the way to efficiency and cooldowns. Those decisions were valid at the time, but now have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

I now got to this point where I am facing Sinestra myself and in all honesty? I didn’t expect to be in this 5 man healing team. Obviously because in this world of Sheep and Sheppard, people tend to forget they have a mind of their own. But then again, I play in Reborn. And I should have known by now that upstream isn’t exactly something we steer away from. I still believe it’s for reasons that shall not be mentioned else than in one’s mind (you can thank Editor Windech for that, he owns the Hammer Of Censoring). So let’s just keep it clean: We lack healers of certain classes who make the right decision at the right time. Those “more than okay” healers that dare to take matter in own hands. Sure if it doesn’t bend, it will break but taking that one risk and living on the edge is what differentiates a good healer from a great healer.

Thus, here we stand. Two well seasoned resto druids, one resto-shaman-extraordinaire, a relatively-new-to-holy-but-very-skilled paladin and a shadow-priest-with-disc-balls who performs well in our healing squad. That’s damn right. “Hell hath no fury like Sinestra bathing in a Twilight hot tub of Lava” but she’s about to stumble upon shear persistance.

That’s it as far as the inspirational bonanza goes. No tactics, no updates, no nothing untill she’s dead 😉
I will see you soon *gulp*.

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