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Reborn’s supremacy and goodbye to The Lich King

By admin in : Elitism // Nov 23 2010

This reset, <Reborn> set foot in ICC 25man for the last time in Wrath of The Lich King expansion. As from next reset, we will all be doing our own little thing, either focusing on Cataclysm, finishing off bucket lists ingame, taking a little break or anything else that one may require to appear rejuvenated and ready to rock when the Cata starting guns are fired on December 7th. Most of us have taken the week off, to focus on getting the headstart our guild deserves. I am no different. Let’s be honest, not even the heaviest chains in my castle’s dungeon would be keeping me at work on release day.

We finished off WoTlK in style, oneshotting every encounter in ICC 25 man on heroic mode, including the Lich King and we celebrated our last raid by running Halion 25Hc through with our oneshotting sword as well. And yes, indeed, it must said that I am extremely proud to be a raiding member of <Reborn>, the guild that has not only flared up my motivation to create an official blog but also indirectly has been at the source of me meeting my love, my partner in insanity.

So here we have it, a very emotional and official THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of this unique community and giving this little resto treant a solid chance to develop a healing style she can look back upon and be proud of.

@ my fellow raiding druids: Alea, Nonias, Dbs, Zwair and Dafnie. *bow* It was a true pleasure raiding with you all, and I look forward to playing Cataclysm with all of you <3

@ Songman: hats off for the splendid readleading, your serenity and the support/back-up during all the private and real life shenenigans I got myself into ^.^
@ All the friends and druids that have left a paw mark on my heart during Wrath of The Lich King, thank you! It wouldn’t have been half the fun without you crazy bunch of people.

There will be a lot of peace, quiet, *zen*-at first- and then some busy leveling going on in the next few weeks on my end of the stick, so I wish you all a very happy apocalypse 🙂

Last but not least

In life’s exigencies men have been known
To pass themselves, and to attain to more
Than hope; as if in combat with the gods
The god in them secured supremacy.
Robert Crawford

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  1. Olimpius November 23, 2010 12:11 pm Reply

    Ow how nice suma! Raiding with you in WOTLK was super. Hope we have as mutch fun in cat in a few weeks 😉

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