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Shattered world in its broadest definition

By admin in : Elitism, Narcissism // Jan 14 2011


I don’t know.

(Everything hereafter is whine with some nag sauce and a bit of bitch spiced topping, so feel free to stop reading _here_)

You know that whiny, persistent feeling that you’ve been climbing flights of stairs and you should definitely have arrived at a certain landing by now. But all you can see are more stairs above and below. I’ve been feeling like this for so long since Cataclysm that I have been checking each floor for an emergency exit.

Yesterday I’ve killed Nefarian 25 with my guild. Great stuff. Truly great. But bleh.

It started a couple of months ago when we said “we just have to make it through the whole levelling scene and everything will be all flowers, puppies and rainbows!” Well, I’m level 85, my gearlist is getting pretty purple again, I’ve conquered all the random major issues as they came to me, my guild just finished off every encounter on normal in 25man mode, but I still can’t shake the feeling.

Partly because my pride ingame has been violently raped: 25man achievements. You see the woman dropping on her knees on the front porch of the Blizzard estate in Paris, raising her hands up to the sky and crying out loud “why Blizzard, whyyyyyyyy”? That would be me.

I am going to be crucified for saying it out loud (beware, the ten-men raider ego’s are growing rampant these days)  but 10 man is and always will be inferior to 25 man. There you have it, stuff it in your pipe and smoke it. Your brilliant arguments filled with “Blizzard balanced the 10 and 25man buffs and encounters out”, “we are all equals now”… go get fucked. Seriously. If you even for one second believe your own bullshit, do yourself a favour and sell your toon.

At the end of the day, it only takes 5 skilled no-lifers who can raid till 7am, one motivational raid leader with a cool babble but lacking all common sense and 4 other random players with little skill and even less clue about game play to be pulled along for the free ride. That is your prestigious 10 man kill. Exactly, it means shit all.

25 man raiding is another pair of shoes. 150% increased difficulty, for the simple fact that 25 people being human and having a certain guarantee to make a mistake at some point in the fight, simply means more error margin than 10 people doing the exact same. Trust me, most of Cata raid bosses are very unforgiving. Healing 10 people through Chimaeron’s feud in 10man with 30% of your raid being healers doesn’t compare to healing 25 people with 28% and AoE healing restrictions.
A perception on 25 people raiding (from experience!): always one more huntard that will fail to kite, always one more person that won’t interrupt, always one mage who won’t iceblock in time, always that one awesome dpsser required to beat the enrage that will die unfortunately to RNG, un-proportionally more adds to control,… The list is endless. It requires a lot more “situational” skill and insight in an encounter and in the game mechanics to squeeze a 25man raid into a successful team, for the simple reason that you will have to adjust to other people’s play (read: fails) and not just “do your own little thing”.

Being a core member for a good while now in a server first (25!!) guild throughout most of WotLK left some marks on my character I guess. Game pride would we one of them. I was proud to be part of <Reborn>. I still am, but what is left of the glory now? Our exceptionally good gear acquired through many nights of heroic wiping with our amazing raid leading, stupidly brilliant tanks or elite dps <Reborn> have always been renown for? Nopes. Our pretty pre-4.0patch “light of dawn” title-likes? Nopes. Our prestigious achievement pages online stating we achieved the trickiest raiding content ingame? Oh please. Not even a shiny coloured skin mount model. Not even fucking that.

“But you know you have achieved the 25version, it shouldn’t matter as long as you know for yourself you have done well.” Don’t be an ignorant jerk lol. Pride means nothing when you get no recognition. If not for recognition, I’d be writing a private diary instead of a blog. So don’t be DAFT, as my other half eagerly likes to point out.

I remember a little anecdote. A couple of weeks before patch 4.0 got released, my Windy (J) and myself were hunting down the elemental rifts for the “Tripping The Rift” achievements, far before the actual information about their locations got published on MMO. We got that achievement at 12.05 in the morning. When I got back from work that day, one of our tanks just got his version of the achievement. I instantly joked that “I was the first in the guild to get it!”, and he simply replied something along the lines of “Does it matter? Look at your achievement time stamp and look at mine”. He was right, of course, it was identical.

In summary:

  • I’ve been wiping every night on 25 man, 5 days a week from 7.30 till 12.
  • I have fished a fair amount of pools for the magnifique presence of Mr Pinchy in our raids.
  • I have spent 600gold on flasks/evening and yes I’m an alchemist.
  • I’ve spent about triple of that amount on a crystal to enchant my ordinary Twilight’s Hammer with power torrent (thank the heavens and beyond I got 3 for free from the guild bank)

What for?
Jackall. Nada.
Because every time I log into Stormwind, I see people in guilds who started raiding in cataclysm 2 months ago with the same gear as I do, who have put in a lot less effort than I did, and who -on top of that- CLAIM TO BE EQUAL TO ME (mainly because they have the same achievements). Or that obnoxious old guild of mine who claims server firsts because they have beaten a certain encounter in 10 man one day before <Reborn> did, focusing only on 25.

You can scrap my little leftover bits off the ceiling now by the way, I’ve exploded.

You know how it feels to have to work extra jobs to stay afloat for someone else’s welfare? I am blowing my time on goats and monkeys when there is an impressive real life situation that is catching up with me (in the best possible way though!) and I don’t even have time to do what I like most on this godforsaken little globe of ours: write. That, and so many other ingame things (like -even after careful explanations- still having to raid with 3 resto druids instead of 2 most of the time, like never winning a roll, like missing out a perfectly good first kill due to power cut, …) are the root of my inability to cheer up.

Windech mentioned I have to [take a chill pill] but this 10 man / 25 man equality shi(f)t may as well mean the end of my subscription to World of Warcraft.

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6 Responses to "Shattered world in its broadest definition"

  1. lol January 14, 2011 9:39 pm Reply

    Why you mad tho?

    1. Sumanhi January 15, 2011 10:09 am Reply

      I’m not REALLY mad as such, I am disappointed with the system. It’s just a fact that in every person, there’s a bit of a competitive nature. And that isn’t a bad thing at all, in my case it just motivates me to play better and pick up my game if it’s too sloppy for my standards. !Reborn! is competitive, server first since Naxxramas. I’m sure that everyone in the guild has -at some point during the raids- thought something like “oh, better get our fingers out of our arses if we want to stay server first”. Well right now, this competitive feeling is being bashed in the skull because 10man guilds who do not have the core setup, the motivation or the skills to make it into the higher requirements of 25, consider themselves “just as good as Reborn” because they have killed a boss on 10man for the same achievement. Just /no.
      And thus my motivation to compete is gone and I find myself without any care at all to continue raiding and putting in effort like I do. In this current mindset, being available every night to raid is becoming a burden very fast. We play a game because we like it. What is left of the love if we suddenly don’t like it anymore?

  2. 10man is hard February 22, 2011 3:42 pm Reply

    10 man is harder, fact while indeed you have 35 people to contend with compared to 10, if a mistake is going to happen its going to happen. What about the setup you can bring to a 25 man team, with a 25 team if the fight is hard u can just go up to 7 or even 8 healers u can really do that in 10 man without there being serious repercussions. 25 man u have all classes that can fill certain roles such as kiting or slowing adds, in a 10 man u might not have that certain class to slow or kite so u have to try and brute false something down without having any control over the fight.

    25 man guild progress compared to 10 man perfect example where the changes in fights mean that for a 10 man guild to anywhere near successful they r going to have to go overboard with recruiting so the whole gearing process will take longer as well.

    The fact that you compare you progress with a 10 man guild is silly

    overall you seem quite bitter with not being sever first and having tighter competition, isn’t competition good to inspire raiders, so who cares if u don’t get a server first on a boss but you do on another its not a given right. Remember when your top the only way is down, why not be second and actually enjoy yourself you seem to take this far to seriously.

    not going to post name for obviouse reasons but u should lightenup a bit for the guilds sake

  3. vick February 22, 2011 9:10 pm Reply

    “I’ve been wiping every night on 25 man, 5 days a week from 7.30 till 12.”

    and only realm 4th you mad bro?

    1. Sumanhi February 22, 2011 9:17 pm Reply

      Actually, server first. By a long bit. The next 25man guild is two heroic bosses behind us. Oh 10man you mean? To be ignored.
      Doesn’t really matter anymore either, I gave up trying to give a damn about raiding. Too much fun leveling an arsenal of worgens lol.

  4. vick February 22, 2011 9:33 pm Reply

    Actually, server fourth.achievements r not subject to10 and 25.

    There is no difference between the 2 you need to realise this. your not servers 1st stop kidding yourself

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