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Yule hibernation :)

By admin in : Narcissism // Nov 21 2010

Being quiet would be an understatement. Being comatose a bit strong. But I haven’t written a whole lot, that much is true. What I have done, however, is just as exciting!

We’ve been preparing for Christmas! Already? /nods. The past week I have been busy moving around between London and back, importing boyfriend and a lot of computer accessories, dragged electrical devices till my arms dropped off, till I stressed muscles I didn’t even know I had and I have turned my flat upside down and inside out. But it was all worth it! We have settled, at least untill after Yule and New Year.

From January on, this blog will double the trouble. My other half, playing the elemental Shaman Windech, will join this blog as a writer/editor and will contribute content from a shaman and seasoned dps point of view. I first figured it was more of an “if you can’t beat the enemy, join the enemy” kind of situation because 90% of my time was spent writing and coding on this blog, but he’s been showing a very healthy interest in my rantings and sure knows how to write a good bit of theory crafting as well, so we are going to give the co-writing thing a go and take it from there!

With Cataclysm breathing down our necks, we have decided to just take things slowly and enjoy the end of year together. Meanwhile I am just finishing off the first part of Vanilla Project and wrapping up my healing guide.
So … rest assured! We haven’t forgotten the online community, we have just been enjoying our comfy couch and good movies on tv 😉

And Snuggles? Well, she has found a new sleeping buddy, Moo-Moo.

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