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“Common Suma, stop dawdling.”

By admin in : Narcissism // Apr 12 2011

“Common Suma, stop dawdling”, is something frequently heard @Home”Windech&Suma”, especially in Winter. Because dawdling is one of those occupations I occasionally like throwing myself onto, enthusiastically and relentlessly, until Windech decides it’s once again been enough already with the moodies and the weepies, and decides to shut me up with just as much enthusiasm. He’s not a fan of self pity, that man of mine.
And thus, when he’s had enough of hearing me complain about the size of my big fat arse, my household that keeps humping my leg while gaming, the holidays and the cocktails that never seem to get any closer at all, and the guildies that are behaving as if the Greenwich Meridian was running through their behinds…. he puts an end to it. “Don’t dawdle Suma, just don’t”.

After a while, I usually manage to realize that my whining won’t contribute to the movement of the universe. And that I should be putting my energy to better use, for blogging… just to name something. But in Winter, nothing seems evident. That nasty gray weather hangs down on my face like a piece of wet toiletpaper. And the harder I try to pretend my mood not to be affected by Father Winter, of course the harder everyone notices it does :aaaah:.

Well this year, instead of winterbitching and getting kicked out of guilds, which had become a stubborn habit over the past couple of years, I dug myself into my iBook library. iPhone/iPad, the best invention since the BananaBox. Hands down. Thanks to my new precious, I just finished reading my 26th book of the year. I also just finished writing down The Memoires of a Gamerchick in Evernote, won the Photography Noob Award thanks to Hipstamatic, played Farmville Mobile and planned my next 7 pregnancies in iPeriod. They can take a whole lot away from me, but if it happens to be my iPhone, it will be from my cold dead hands, mmkay.

Anyway, it just hit me; It’s spring. People who know me, won’t even raise their left eyebrow anymore when I crawl my way back onto the surface in an elevated state of Good Intention. I temporarily love everything and everyone, bursting up in a dozen of good ideas with the sudden willpower to do everything better and differently. Especially differently. And to write to-do lists on the bus, while the rest of the passengers are snoring in their seats next to mine. Little lists full of Genius. About how I am going to dye my hair bright red again like the girl on the till in the Aldi. Or how about I am getting the tattoo I have been wanting for 3 years. And about reading fifty books this year.

AND about blowing some new life into my undertaking company. Because I usually feel like a mortician every time I stare into the abyss of which has become “Me and My Epic Wood” blog. And then the abyss stares back at me, with those black pesky little pearl eyes, insulting me for my neglect and for being a bad bad bad mother while shoving a well thought through “I told you so” in my face. Okay, it told me so. Well I’ve been home ill last week, I insist I had a bad case of Man Flu. And according to Windech, Man Flu is something that can never be made fun of. Srs bsns yo! Aka I’ve had too much time to think about what I want from my blogs and websites, which usually results in a re-design.

The abyss may have won a battle but it surely didn’t win the war. I’ll be back. And I promise you I do a really mean imitation of Arnold.

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