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By admin in : Narcissism // Dec 11 2010

If it wasn’t already the case before, it is now very official: I’m losing the plot. There is something that puzzles me. It intrigues me, it makes me want to reach for a shotgun.

On tuesday morning, a couple of hours after the release of Cataclysm in Europe, Windech and I were spending time in wow leveling, as I looked at the analogue watch I left on my desk. I didn’t really believe what it said; it simply couldn’t be as early as the clock thought. It’s very uncommon, even for me, to disagree with clocks, and I just accepted the fact that I had been mistaken.

We continued leveling our shaman and druid for what felt like at least half an hour, but when I looked up -once again-, the watch claimed that only ten minutes had passed. That couldn’t be right! I was sure the battery was depleted or something else, as that clock has quite the bit of history when it comes to being inaccurate and has often been the cause of me being late. I checked with other clocks in the room and to my astonishment they all agreed. Somehow I still didn’t trust the watch, while trusting all the other clocks that agreed with it. I realised that I was being illogical, but I couldn’t help it. I threw the watch down on the sofa and gave it a warning look, to let it know not to toy with me. Yes, I’m a wee bit odd: I tend to socially interact with inanimate objects.

We then took a break for late dinner and a necessary pitstop. While I was waiting for Windech checking his Farmville (!), I got up and glanced at the watch. Now I was absolutely positive that it was slow. It just couldn’t be that early. Once more I checked with the other clocks, but again all agreed. I felt the urge to open up the watch and change the battery anyway, but I couldn’t bring myself to give in to this craziness and so I just got on with the leveling, leaving the watch untouched.

That morning after, I was sitting on the sofa, minding my own business — well, eating a chocolate muffin to be precise — when I checked the watch to see how much time we had left to bring our toons to 85. It seemed like far too much! I told myself I was being silly and that I would feel even more foolish if I checked the other clocks again, but I did it anyway. To my relief the watch was twenty minutes behind the others now. Realising I might not be fully awake, or maybe actually temporarily delusional (what… it happens!), I didn’t touch any of the clocks and left it to deal with in the evening.

After dinging 85, the watch was now a full two hours behind the others. When I removed the battery, the watch instantly stopped “feeling” hostile. This sort of thing happens to me every now and then: feeling things that I cannot possibly know.

I want to explain it away with reason, but I do not know how, so I can only presume I am on a slow but steady descent into madness.

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3 Responses to "Cuckooooo"

  1. olimpius December 14, 2010 3:35 pm Reply

    Lol at wind *farmville*

    And suma the clock thing was me trying out my new time warp spell :p. Sorry about that.

    1. Sumanhi December 14, 2010 8:19 pm Reply

      Haha, I knew Time Warp would have some kind of consequence! 🙂 You keep training Olli, it will take a while before you can beat the shammies at their Hero-isming 🙂

      1. Olimpius December 15, 2010 9:28 am Reply

        I’m gonne stick with Time Warp for now. Its very popular in heroics to use so i’m training alot. And i don’t have to beat shammies. Time Warp is as powerfull and it even makes my hands turn purple so it has an extra visual :P. I would say beat that shammies :-).

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