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Massively overdue

By admin in : Narcissism // Feb 28 2013

I have stopped wow-blogging… there, glad I got that out of my system.

After considering a comeback a couple of times -at least 17 or 18- I’ve decided to officially declare this blog deceased…
For a really long time I’ve left it as it was, lingering online, not really sure whether I was ever going to pick up my pen again or not. The odds of that happening now have become extremely small. On this road called life, one can never predict what the future has in store. Juggling between family, career, freelance work, wedding plans and the paperwork for the visa of the nearly-husband-to-be has proven to be difficult to combine with online gametime.
I’ve settled in a cosy little 25man guild that raids twice a week, and even though I still enjoy the couple of hours of gaming, I can not find the time anymore to elaborately blog about it.

I’m not going to take down the blog permanently, Me and My Epic Wood have moved to a lower profile destination for the handful of people who still find their way to my blog and its most popular post – my druid skins. No matter how much I like to convince myself of the opposite, I am quite emotionally attached to my 7 year old warcraft child. If anything at all, it deserves a quiet final resting place amongst the other stars on the virtual milky way.

So, I’ve been cleaning up the loose ends in the back-end, something I should have done years ago, and though I haven’t updated the pictures for all the posts (yet) nor removed all the glitches, I hope you will enjoy visiting the remains of Me and My Epic Wood.

I wish you all the best of times in WoW, happy raiding in the Thunder King patch and who knows whatever may or may not happen in the future. To the 360125 people who have visited my webpage in the past couple of years, thank you !

Ciao <3

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