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When real life has got you on a tight leash…

By admin in : Narcissism // Aug 10 2011

… miserable things happen to a blog.

So here goes the inevitable, which I have been trying to postpone for as long as I possibly could: me and my epic wood are taking a semi-long time off WoWblogging and writing alltogether.

Because I’m expecting!
Fortunately not in any physical way (some people should not be allowed to procreate, believe me.) but I have a couple of new infant projects on the way.

Firstly there is my new apartment. I was slowly running out of cope with the current flat I am renting. There always seemed to be something wrong, or something happening that my crystal ball did not manage to foresee. If it wasn’t a failing electricity net, it was the hot water tap in the bathroom, or the back window that decided to get stuck once so often. And on the rare occasion that everything was in perfect working order, it were old memories I shared with people I loved in this flat that ruined the good moods.

I think, that at some point or another, I also ran out of cope with my landlady, who decidedly knows more about my life’s daily routine and my serial monogamy than I do myself. Here’s a piece of mind for everyone who’s about to make the same mistake I did: never rent a flat in a building if the landlord lives on the ground floor. Seriously, don’t. If not for yourself, do it for the person you are dating. There is nothing more embarassing than a meaningful wink in the hallway after having a noisy night of adultery fun in the bedroom, mkay.

Thus, I finally decided to replace my carefree single not-a-worry-in-the-world existance for something with a little bit more of a responsibility: my own apartment. Perhaps it’s the big number 3 slowly creeping upto me, or the peace of mind I have been chasing for a long time now; but I have this urge to nest.

I bloody well found the perfect specimen. Actually I found two. Two days before I was to sign the official paperpile, I got contacted by the owner of a flat I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago (but never heard anything of despite multiple messages on answering machines and a lot of emails. Yes I do have some freaky little stalker attitude at times, fyi), letting me know that if I still wanted the flat, it was mine. They made that decision mainly due to the enthusiastic motivational email I had sent previously and not so much on financial basis (the flat was a bit upmarket for my budget). See, who said that the 6 years of writing guild applications were in vain!

So for the past couple of days I have found myself struggling with a dilemma as to which contract I had to sign.
On the left hand there was this incredibly gorgeous, spacious, colourful ballroom penthouse flat with designer bathroom on a distant, quiet location on the third floor (with lift, this time mind). And on the other hand there was the somewhat smaller but still spacious, incredibly charming half-open white apartment on the first floor, with more windows and day-light anyone has ever set eyes on and an incredible loft-feeling. With a brand new kitchen, in walking distance from shops and supermarkets and closer to work. Decisions, decisions. Poor me, and my luxury problems. After one of my colleagues pointing out that the most handsome husband does not necessarily make the best husband, I decided to go for the more practical “characteristic” flat. And because I had been planning my zen black and white interior for weeks based on the floorplan of that flat, seemed a bit of a waste to cancel my furniture orders.

In the next weeks I will be extremely busy making up a planning for the whole moving-experience somewhere in october, to ensure that me and my army of gnomes won’t get lost in the process of dragging sofa’s and computers from Place X to Place Y. There will be to-do lists, lots of them. I need to find new people for renting my current flat, to speed up the process and there is still a lot of paperwork to be filed at the bank and official financial instances as well. Then there will be the invasion of paintbrushes, polishing machinery, wallpapers and glues, tiling, and most importantly: the shopping till we’re dropping (furniture, new electrical devices, etc). I know and no I didn’t win the lottery. But since so said leech-boyfriend did me the greatest of favours by walking out of my life a couple of years ago; I managed to save up quite the budget.

With that part of the plans covered, there is another project that is quickly racking up all of my spare time. Two months ago I had sent out my illustrator portfolio to a couple of networks and shortly after I got contacted by a “famous” Belgian children’s book writer. Perhaps not as famous as such but she won a few contests of late and got rewarded one of the prestigious Belgian book awards last year. She contacted me,   said she was working on a new concept for a book and that my drawings had a lot of potential. And if I wanted to arrange a meeting to see if perhaps we could come to some kind of cooperation for her newest children’s book. After years of working as a graphic designer but having a actual degree in illustration, this was a dream come true. And thus for the past few weeks, I have been burying myself in storyboards, sketches, and brainstorming sessions. We now got to a point where we have a good set idea of the direction we are walking in, and the artwork for real illustrations need to be set in motion. For the time being, this will be my main focus profession-wise, next to my fulltime graphic job, my apartment and my raiding evenings in Firelands.

Busy times!

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2 Responses to "When real life has got you on a tight leash…"

  1. Eric November 23, 2011 1:17 am Reply

    Plus, you met an awesome new guy.

    1. Sumanhi November 30, 2011 12:59 am Reply

      I have indeed! I are lucky girl!

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