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By admin in : Nepotism // Nov 29 2010


A brand new brilliant design, an ever increasing functionality and an up to date parser capable of handling almost every raid ingame, including the 6 new encounters in BlackWing Descent to be released with Cataclysm. sure has come a long way since it once started off as a dissertation project.

What is

Simply put,  it is an all new combat log parser, designed to change the way you look at encounter data.

  • You want to get to the bottom of your and your guild’s performance in raids?
  • You want consistent and accurate combat analysis, up to date with the latest patches?
  • You want to save, analyze and share that raiding experiences with other gamers?
  • You love eye candy and you look forward to fooling around with a real-time replay function?

Then you will most definitely fall head over heels for, just like I did.
The new website allows you to effortlessly upload your combat log, after which every single feature becomes  available in live reports, with no extra programs or installations required. From the standard dps charts, to deaths and resurrection graphs, fight comparisons, healing breakdowns, dps, hit & crit details,  activity times and everything in-between. All the most important statistics are directly available to you, all provided in real-time.


API Functions and example scripts.
With extensive API functions and example scripts you can take your data to your own website, blog or even Facebook!  Not a programmer? Not a problem. They’ve even created a number of dynamic image scripts allowing you to pull data from the servers and use it however you like. Easy as pie. And don’t you dare denying it, we all live for pie.

It’s free of charge and always will be.
That’s what advertisements and free donations are for.

Last but not least: the Replay Function, my favourite feature. has developed a unique system that allows you to scroll back and forth down a time-line of your encounter and evaluate it upside down and inside out. Much like a second-by-second view; which you can speed-up, rewind, skip to the end or just scrub back-and-forth, totally knocking yourself out. It’s awesome sauce, I guarantee it.

With replay powering the death tracking, you can see in real-time how the death of a player or the whole raid plays out, when they took damage, when they received heals and when they died. With this level of raid analysis it also gives you the chance to point out exactly which void zone you shouldn’t have been standing in…so be warned!

Testing phase

Their main goalpost is to show what they feel is the next evolution of combat log analysis. To be fair, there’s still a lot of tweaking to be looked into and even more testing to be done. And that’s mainly the reason why I am featuring this website on my blog, to ask you for the necessary support. Not because I have been paid for advertising  *glare*, not even because the main developer is so irresistibly cute. Nopes. Just because it is, in fact, a brilliant, useful tool which has my stamp of approval.

How to help?

Provide them with your combat logs for testing and development purposes. They need as many combat logs as possible, it doesn’t matter much where your Abraham got his mustard, as long as it’s a raid.
You have just been thunder-struck and you have no god honest clue what we’re on about? That’s okay, you can still help.
Here’s a noob-proof mini guide on How To Succesfully Combatlog.

All your  combatlogs are located in: World of Warcraft/logs  and the default name is CombatLog.txt

  1. Delete or rename the existing log.
  2. Start-up up your game, and type “/combatlog” when you are about to start raiding. The game will send you a confirmation note in your chat pane.
  3. Raid, tear down the place like you usually would, and forget all about combatlogging.
  4. When you are finished,  type  “/combatlog” once again to finish logging.
  5. Log out of the game  into character screen.
  6. Go to your WoW folder and rename “CombatLog.txt” to whatever you want it to be, preferably something accurate you might remember at a later moment in time.
  7. Zip it and upload it on !

It’s really THAT simple? Yups, even your grandmother could do that! (Well, perhaps not, but you got the point.) will be very appreciative of your help and I’ll be a happy panda too!
Even if you don’t personally feel like helping out, please share this message along to friends and fellow raiders. The more people involved, the better and every little bit helps.

Thank you!

Right! Check out the website:

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