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Bless multitasking!

By admin in : Stoicism // Nov 10 2010

I am a happy panda. Not only did I get my first heroic tier token, I also managed to tackle most of the blog’s technical issues.

  • I installed a very good spam protection filter that actually works like a charm
  • I integrated a social blogroll displaying latest post and title/date. Next on the plan of action: filling my blogroll!
  • I figured out how the script for Wowhead data transfer works and I can now use all talents/items/spells from their database to display on my pages.
  • I finished my healing spell section of my Cata healing guide and will be updating it with the correct Wowhead tooltips. (All feedback and corrections are highly appreciated!)
  • I got the new header installed and I am tinkering with the css colours
  • I got NextGen galleries to work, correctly displaying my lightboxes and slideshows for my vanilla project in all common browsers
  • Vanilla project is roughly quarter way and I have published the portal page and made the first pages of the galleries (Moonglade, Bloodmyst, Azuremyst, Teldrassil and Darkshore) public for you to check out what it will be like! This project is far from done so expect more interactive content to be added soon.
  • Related posts is installed and working, but needs some thumbnail adjustments

All that said, within the next few days I am going to sort my blogroll out. If for some reason (I won’t blame you!) your blog is currently categorized under “talking Trees” and you would like to be removed from my blogroll, feel free to let me know. If you are not in the links yet and you would love a spot in my updated blogroll, mail me your link or simply comment!

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