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4.0.1 Patch notes: nothing but love.

By admin in : Uncategorized // Oct 27 2010

W000000p! I always get a bit excited when new patch notes are released! And then I get worried, and then anxious, and then I open and close my browser at least 3 more times before I conclude I will have to take them changes on the chin regardless and no matter what. So here we go!  No reason to cry, this time, yet.

Rebirth now has a 10 min cooldown, down from 30 min.
Mmmkay, fair enough. Rebirth cooldowns have been a bit fickle over the past weeks. First they were shared through the raid, putting all of us on 30 minutes cooldown, then they seemed to bug out and we all had one each, every 30 minutes, but the spell occasionally announced that “You can no longer ressurect in combat”, which I happened to find hilariously ironic. Almost as laughable as not being able to heal the sorry arses of my raidmates on the hordeship because using a rocketpack isn’t permitted while “in shapefhift” form (nor nightelf form, for that matter, so I found out). Well, just as they seemed to have gotten a quick fix, Blizzard is now apparently reducing the cooldown back to 10 minutes  but is speculating on limiting the amount of combat resses per battle.

Efflorescence now heals nearby targets for 20/40/60% of the amount healed by Swiftmend over 7 sec, down from 7.5 sec.
Not exactly something that is going to turn our leafy little resto world upside down really, is it? But at least it’s not a nerf in the face.

Swift Rejuvenation is now a 1-Rank talent, down from 2 Ranks. Now reduces the GCD of Rejuvenation by 0.5 sec.
Well it is always a nice bit of love to get one extra talent point to spend, don’t you think? It might even be that ONE point you seemed to miss out on in order to build your ultimate master spec of awesomeness. You never know, life flows in mysterious ways.

Natural Shapeshifter now increases the duration of  Tree of Life by 5/10 sec.
Adding 10 seconds to Tree of Life shapeshift really compares the sprinkles and the cream on our HoT cocoa. Not because we were waiting for 10 more seconds of instant regrowth spam but because the talent now actually has some kind of use for the tree it is located in.

Oh, and the lazy graveyard gryphons are finally, _FINALLY_ getting a kick in the butt again and will be back in order, flying our sorry arses to the instance again while in ghost form. I can only approve of this change, because I might have been one of those compulsive,  instinctive release clickers who always missed out on the kill and/or the incoming combat res. (*cough*)

So in conclusion, we will soon have several more reasons to smile when logging onto our beloved resto’s. Untill they start nibbling on our Revitalize numbers bit by bit over the upcoming patches, but hey, let’s enjoy our Godmode for a tad longer, shall we?

Good night!

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