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Azuremyst Isle

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Remaining mostly untouched by sapient races until recently, Azuremyst isle has changed a great deal due to the recent crash by a draenei inter-dimensional generation ship. Powerful and ominous crystals dot the lands, and energy storms ripple through the sky. The draenei capital city, The Exodar, is built around their crashed ship in the western part of Azuremyst Isle. Evidence that parts of the crashed ship are tainting and mutating the natural flora and fauna of the island has become apparent. The draenei are working to halt and if possible reverse these mutations as soon as possible, to restore the natural beauty and health of the island.

Some civilization did exist on the island before the draenei arrived. On the southern Silvermyst Isle, a dock and house of night elf architecture marks the dwelling of a family of night elves who made their home here. In addition, a clan of furbolgs live in the central island. Due to being so far removed from their cousins in Kalimdor, these furbolgs have remained uncorrupted, though they have recently been driven out of their ancestral holdings. Additionally, ancient night elven ruins predating the Sundering are found scattered about both Azuremyst and Bloodmyst, all of them now inhabited by vile naga. The night elves have mostly abandoned these islands in favor of mainland Kalimdor.


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