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As a coastal area, Darkshore is cooled by a sea breeze and is perpetually humid. Rain is frequent but mild. Kelp, seaweed, and rocks litter the beaches, and a few sparse trees dot the landscape away from the beach. Once a thriving night elf settlement, it is little more than a desolate beach dotted with ruined buildings. The weather is cold and stormy much of the time, with a wicked wind stirring up the waves. Rain and fog are prevalent for a good part of the year, allowing only the most talented sailors to navigate the dangerous waters. Shipwrecks of the less talented litter the shallower waters and beach. The night elves currently living in Darkshore have focused their attention on rebuilding Auberdine. Most of the town is made up of new buildings, as the night elves cleared away the ruins they could not restore. Many ruins remain outside Auberdine, and harsh winds and salt water continue to corrode the once sturdy buildings. These worn pillars and crumbling structures are not totally abandoned – stories about that murlocs and naga are slowly taking the ruins for their own. The majority of the forest is peaceful and tranquil, but a few spots have been corrupted by the presence of warlocks or tainted furbolgs. Darkshore is dotted with several bodies of water, including at least one fairly large waterfall on the eastern side. The eastern edge of Darkshore is marked by a large mountain range, which seperates Darkshore from Felwood and Moonglade.


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