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Rocking 25-man, post 4.0-style.

By admin in : Uncategorized // Oct 27 2010

On September 20th, I celebrated my first Halion 25 Heroic kill with <Reborn> and posted a tribute to our last night of progression for this expansion.

The serenade sounded much like this:
“Last week, I learned a lot of new and innovative ways to wipe. We wiped to tank gibs. We wiped to stupid parry haste mechanic. We wiped to cutter killer rays. We wiped to the void zones. Oh man, did we wipe to void zones. We wiped to simpletons panicking and failing on finding a good spot to drop the debuffs off (pointing at myself). We wiped to horrible timing on dispelling. We wiped to stubborn hunters being out of range of what so ever dispelling.  We wiped to clicking the portal at the perfectly wrong moment and deploying the consumption. We wiped to the dragon’s breath having a massive range. We wiped to awkward rng on the main tank healers. We wiped to agro pulls by rogues showering us in nasty dragon breath. We wiped to ranged overaggro on the living embers and inferno’s. We wiped to Meteor Strike owning us. We wiped to people being afk on pull and getting stuck behind the wall. We wiped to corporeality being out of whack. We wiped to computer issues. We wiped to latency. We wiped on enrage. We wiped on 0.3%. We found a lot of cool ways to wipe, actually.

And just as we considered all WotLK content to be on farm status… along came patch 4.0. Adieu, beloved and ever so praised infallible raid-tactics.

My guild -yes, that does include me!- has spent the past two weeks analyzing every new facet of our classes and reconsidering our roles in raids. We adjusted to newly acquired shinies (the spell effects are quite overwhelming!). We powered through in-game bugs and errors, load times failures, server crashes, dubious attendance, obscure video settings on area effects, and just random out-of-our-control issues. Illidan has well indoctrinated his catchphrase in my subconscience but never for a second was I lead to believe he could’ve perhaps been right, be it post mortem. I really wasn’t prepared.

The result of all this was an in-depth evaluation of our gorgeous array of new spells on the forum, an incredible team effort listing and discussing trials and tribulations, long sessions of raidbuffed dps-tests on the dummies and basically just working out how to cut the mustard getting our game back on track. We have all spent a stupid amount of time figuring out the most perfect approach to reforging, gemming and getting our UI’s back to where they were.

Alas, we were not very thrilled with the new dimension given to wiping on Lich King and Halion 25 heroic. Back the the drawing boards. And we were not impressed!

The Lich King encounter was a bit of a struggle for our healing crew. Infest was suspiciously difficult to cover at first, defile seemed to spread like wildfire even more than before, shifting niches on tankhealing, paladins adjusting to their new resources in holy power, druids getting back in action on the tankhealing front,… And individually, each and every single one of us contributed his/her fair share of notable bestialities.

Halion added a couple of new interesting twitches and squirms to his personality (as if he didn’t have enough). Fire and shadow debuffs didn’t seem to be totally rng anymore, just to name one. Even our recently sorted magical raid healing composition went tits up.

Well, while in the midst of reviewing ourselves, we pulled our metaphorical finger out. Last reset we organized ourselves a post 4.0 LK kill and a post 4.0 Halion kill. If that wasn’t enough of an achievement, we also nailed “Immortal” last night, putting some more icing on our celebration cakes. Even though we’re pretty much 2 patches overdue, outgrew the place in gear and skill by a mile (or two, or three), we just never  really got the random disconnects on Thaddius and the screenfreezes/lag/idiocy on shadow fissures (and void zones of the like) under control. Now we did, at last, and it was nothing but smiles, puppies and rainbows in the guild last week. We nearly got our GM to sing (Eye of the Tiger) out loud on Vent. Nearly. But not to worry, one day…. one day.

Last but not least, something completely off topic, which I believe to be vital enough to mention: I am blessed with an incredible entourage of friends, guildies and an exceptional GM. Not as if I wasn’t aware of that, but it now definitely got confirmed after the recent series of (personal) unfortunate events. Thanks guys, nuff said.

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