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By admin in : Uncategorized // Nov 3 2010

Dum dum dum … 360° screenshots all stitched and shooped up into nifty panorma’s, ready to import them in a flash or quicktime object for the web. And I am Ooh Soo Pleased! The Vanilla project part 1 is finally getting somewhere, after trying to find the perfect edge and a more or less original approach to a subject that has been nibbled on so often before, and I have already decided upon the follow up part of this project.  Now where did I leave me minions, there’s a good deal of research to dig into.

Here’s a couple of them 360° panorma’s. I’ve tried to capture the very essence of each zone and to depict the exact feeling overwhelming you, unique to every zone. That’ll be all for now! All finalized versions will arrive shortly after Cataclysm release 🙂

Click on the pictures for larger formats



Stonetalon Mountain





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