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Weekend hibernation

By admin in : Uncategorized // Nov 5 2010

I don’t think I fully realized what it takes to keep a blog active and I have hit the soft cap what the time spent on this blog is concerned. Might also have triggered the social-life-enrage-timer as friends and family started moaning about me spending every second of the day behind a pc, laptop and a mobile phone (I blame Twitter!).

Truth is, they’re right. But having so many unique views (over 1800 in 5 days – I added wp stats the day AFTER I started anew on this blog) and having that extra responsibility  towards blogger community left me with little choice. Even though all the reads and the heads-up have been nothing but thriving, motivating and exhilarating, I think I have overestimated my capacity to multitask. I wanted to slowly build up the backend of this site as I was publishing content but the technicalities of this blog are growing even more exuberantly than the weeds in Feralas, so it appears.
Well, time to get the hedge trimmer out, I suppose: I won’t blog during the weekend (unless someone ties my hands and feet tightly onto the bed, I probably won’t keep that promise but you know. Good intentions and all that jazz!) because I HAVE to focus on the backbone and the stability of this blog first.

I updated my bucket list with things I am working on, so you know I haven’t actually given up writing, I just NEED to get some hosting and backend problems tackled.

A note on my Vanilla project. Just WOAH. This project took off with such a massive success that the European Space Agency has contacted me for supplying the new expendable launch system on Ariane.  I plan on updating the placeholder for this page by next week and show some result before next weekend!

That all said, I wish you all a very nice weekend filled with delightful blogging and a lot of satisfaction while wordcounting for NaNoWriMo =)


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4 Responses to "Weekend hibernation"

  1. zacko November 5, 2010 3:50 pm Reply

    Hvae a great weekend, Im glad your getting the attention you deserve from this great blog

  2. Keeva November 6, 2010 12:00 pm Reply

    Summi, I think you need better spam protection for your comments. I’ve noticed you’re getting a lot of the generic “Thanks for a great blog, I will bookmark it” comments, which are from spammers.

    1. Summi November 6, 2010 1:30 pm Reply

      I know, I keep deleting them every day >.< It is one of the problems I am trying to tackle this weekend. Today, I got 67 spam comments during the night, 63 of which where automatically flagged as spam and deleted. But it seems to be genuinely difficult for my system to pick up the "compliment" ones. I'm looking into it 🙂

      1. Keeva November 10, 2010 1:35 am Reply

        You’ll find that good filters will also filter out some of the genuine posts if they just say “This is a great post, thanks!” because the filter thinks they are robots. I check mine every couple of days to make sure real people aren’t getting moderated into my spam bin.

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