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Thousands of years ago, this valley upon the slopes of Mount Hyjal served as a place for the night elves to start anew in the wake of the Great Sundering. A realm of near-perpetual winter, the valley has long been involved in a struggle between malevolent blue dragons and the fearsome white frostsaber cats. During the events of Reign of Chaos the valley was in a rare period of springtime or summer with no snow to be seen anywhere.

Winterspring Valley is above the Moonglade and is the last stop along the road that winds up to Hyjal Peak. The valley is separated from the Moonglade, lower on the mountain slope, by a thick, white cloud bank. Winterspring is a cold realm consistently covered with snow and frost. Once above the clouds, the air is crisp and clean and the sun shines often when the snow is not falling. The trees of Winterspring were bent and twisted into odd positions during the climactic Battle of Mount Hyjal. Many of the World Tree’s massive roots are also exposed here, towering overhead like massive oak archways. This otherwise cold and serene place shakes with periodic conflict between the forces of the sorcerer-dragon Cobaltann and the night elves who strive to drive them from the slopes of Mount Hyjal. Snow cats, bears and other creatures of the wild are seen here on occasion, but only rarely due to the high altitude.


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